Multi-Card Reader/Writer

Multi-Card Reader/Writer

Hi-Speed USB, 3.5 Bay Mount


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    Converts an empty, unused PC bay into a digital content management center.

    The Manhattan Multi-Card Reader/Writer supports most card formats to easily download and transfer digital images and files from many of today’s popular flash memory cards. Compatible with up to 60 types of CompactFlash, Microdrive, Magicstor, Memory Stick, MagicGate, SecureDigital, Multimedia, XD and more, the Manhattan Multi-Card Reader/Writer quickly installs into a 3.5" bay.

    Convenience without the Media Device

    Access digital content without directly connecting the camera or other media devices to the computer. This convenient connection helps conserve battery power by eliminating the need to directly install a digital device to a desktop computer. A front-mount USB port expands power availability to recharge USB devices.