2-Port Mini KVM Switch

2-Port Mini KVM Switch

2-Port USB, Audio Support


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    The Manhattan KVM Switch is a 2-port Mini KVM switch with integrated connection cables. Its USB support on the console side allows you to use a USB keyboard and mouse. It allows you to access, control, boot and reboot two USB-enabled computers with only one USB keyboard, mouse and monitor.

    Convenient PC Selection

    Quickly and easily switch between workstations using the hotkey.

    Audio Switching Offers an Uninterrupted Multimedia Experience

    The audio switching function of this KVM Switch allows you to leverage the multimedia systems on each of your two computers. You can monitor the audio output of each computer without disconnecting and reconnecting the audio cables.

    Zero Cabling Hassles for KVM Users

    This KVM Switch saves you cabling troubles with its two pair of 1.2m (4-ft.) KVM connection cables. In fact, you have zero cabling troubles since you don't have to worry about finding suitable cables to fit — they come attached to the KVM switch!