USB-C Audio Adapter
USB-C Male to 3.5 mm Mic-in and Audio-Out Females, Black

SKU: 153317
Hi-Speed USB 3D 7.1 Sound Adapter
Compact High-Speed USB 2.0 External Sound Card with 3.5 mm Audio and Microphone Ports, 7.1-Channel Virtual 3D Surround Sound, Internal Amplifier and Volume Controls

SKU: 152341
Hi-Speed USB Stereo Sound Adapter
USB-A to 3.5 mm Mic-in and Audio-Out Ports

SKU: 152754
Hi-Speed USB 3-D Sound Adapter
Improves audio access and performance

SKU: 150859
Stereo Audio Cable
3.5 mm Stereo Male to Male, Black, 1.8 m (6 ft.)

SKU: 334594